Dedicated software for demanding clients.

What do we deliver?

3electrons specialises in designing and implementing software for:

- Process control, where PLC is not suitable for the task.

- Visualisation of industrial data and processes.

- Advanced custom SCADA systems.

- Dedicated machines and devices in series production.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to fulfil your needs.


About us

We are a group of independent specialists, freelancers, free electrons. Through many years of experience and hard work we have built our confidence to call ourselves professionals. Our motivation is to stand among these who change the world into a better place by doing what they love and have passion for. Even though we are a small team of independent geeks, a combination of our experience and knowledge gives us a strong feeling that we can achieve what we want. Not every action we take is marked as 3electrons, sometimes we work as anonymous subcontractors supporting other similar companies. Our strengths, such as open-minded approach to problem solving, high communication skills and professional attitude to work (not business-like only) makes us unique.